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Member Management

i:Que provides a robust platform to manage multiple contact sources, voter information, employer codes and description, notes, faxes, phone calls, email and information you may acquire. Features embedded in the program allow you to print labels, send email, allow web access, and manage committee assignments. Membership Management is the core to the i:Que system, and provides the information backbone for the other modules.

The Member Management Module allows you to:

  • Enjoy a single view of all relative information
  • Manage multiple addresses, phone numbers and emails
  • Collect voter registration data
  • Import employer codes and descriptions
  • Enter notes relating to the member
  • Directly email and print labels from a record
  • Manage committee assignments

Case Management and Tracking

i:Que integrates all the member information and can create an electronic case file for your members in the area of representation. Once the case is open, a user can utilize our robust event logging tool to keep track of notes, faxes, meetings, conversations, email and phone calls. The system also allows you to store any scanned document or image and make that available to those who are directly working on the case. A time tracking system makes sure that no case is accidentally forgotten about, or that a deadline is not met. Simple color-coded listing alerts users if a case needs attention, and it allows supervisors the ability to quickly scan for potential problems.

The Case Management and Tracking Module allow you to:

  • Create a secure electronic case file
  • Properly categorize a case or grievance for statistical analysis
  • Enter events for the case through a multi-faceted event logger
  • Store any scanned documents into the case file
  • Manage a heavy case load through a graphical interface that highlights cases that need attention
  • Print form letters and grievance forms
  • Give supervisors a view of all active cases

Dues and Benefit Administration

Keeping track of your incoming dues and the money to pay for ancillary benefits is a daunting task, unless you are using this highly effective module within i:Que. The system can scale to any level of complexity including asynchronous communication with an agency to request, received and reconcile dues and additional money for ancillary benefits. Automation is the key, and with auto feed importing and a powerful Dues Conversion Program i:Que makes this important area of operations more efficient.

The Dues and Benefit Administration Module allows you to:

  • Apply supplicated dues rules to your membership, and then track the collection of those dues.
  • Enjoy asynchronous communication with cooperating agencies
  • Use a highly intuitive reconciliation system
  • Import feeds from your agency and/or vendors
  • Transmit eligibility files
  • Issue refunds or invoices to members

Web Integration

All the features of i:Que provide a framework that allow your staff to operate efficiently and providing member’s information and assistance when they call in, but to further empower members i:Que offers a unique web integration system. Components that can be installed in current web sites, or into a new site provided by ILS, allow members to log into your web site. They can look up important information regarding their membership, dues, benefits, committees, and cases. This module also allows an organization to instantly update their web site with news articles directly from i:Que.

The Web Integration Module allows you to:

  • Empower members to log into your web site and update their own information
  • Allow members to see their deductions and benefits
  • Update news articles within the program and without any web experience
  • Lock your web content to dues paying members
  • Allow members to see their committee assignment and cases